Learning the Art of High-End Landscape Photography

There is a high demand for the skill and expertise of fine art landscape photography. People are very often willing to spend lots and lots of money for beautiful wall art that they can display in their home, office, or other commercial setting. However being able to produce these kind of beautiful images of landscapes is not something that is learned overnight; it often requires years and years of practice, as well as learning the skills from a professionally taught landscape photography course like those at CreativeLive.

the art of landscape photography

Besides that one course, there are other great courses out there. Here is a great list of some of the ultimate landscape photography courses that can be found online. Especially if you are just starting out, the initial thought is often that you can just pick up this stuff as you go yourself; but the reality is that learning all the right skills that go into taking an incredible landscape photograph is an incredibly difficult and nuanced process. It takes most people years and years to be able to master the skills required to excel at producing quality images.

What to do with your images

Once you have developed a portfolio of amazing landscape photography, you can work on creating a website or platform to be able to sell your work. There are also various other options for how to make money with this particular kind of art form. The easiest way is usually to sell your photos through microstock or other stock photography agencies. However it is our experience that this is more of a short-term solution, and not necessarily the best option for retaining creative control over your work.

Whatever you end up doing with the final images, any photographer who strives to establish themselves in the world, has to create a website that beautifully demonstrates the breadth of your work. The good news is that this is a lot easier than it used to be, with many great sites out there that allow you to build a site with custom templates. Be sure to read our other post on the subject of website building for photographers for more information.

Bonus tip

There is another little known secret about how to improve your skill with post-processing landscape photos, and that is learning how to use a Wacom Tablet. This amazing device allows you to have pinpoint precision while editing your photos, where you can contour the landscape and skylines to the ideal level. You can read a great review of the Wacom here if you are interested; they aren’t cheap, but they can really make the difference in your photo editing.

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