The Exciting World of Fashion Photography

One photo can tell the whole story


Fashion photography blog can be one of the most exciting things to do especially if you are the photographer.  You will be able to capture all the things that you wanted say in a single picture and merely add some additional information on your blog perhaps when and where the photo was taken.  Fashion photographers must be one of those few people who earn a living while enjoying what they do.  It’s like getting paid for something you already enjoy doing.

Most fashion magazines use fashion photography blog and they work because no one would read something about what the model wore on the recently concluded fashion gala by this and that designer – they were just simply boring to read but its different when you see the actual picture.  Even without reading some of the explanations on the magazine, you would be able to deduce some information through the photo and most professional photographer can make the picture come alive as if you are in front of that exciting gala. The best examples of this are the ultra-high end and detailed photos that are multiple photos combined together, requiring the use of complex software to stitch photos together. There are various different avenues for learning these skills that a photographer can take, everything from landscape photography courses, to commercial and portrait photography as well. Most importantly though, it is critical that a photographer learns how to use programs like Photoshop in order to post-process and touch-up their photos.


If you will notice, a fashion magazine doesn’t have much written print on them but they have lots of photos and if you will gather the information on a regular printed magazine with texts and a fashion magazine that mostly contain photos, you will see that the fashion magazine had able to give more information than the magazine with written stories. This includes reaching into other realms of fashion and portrait photography, such as boudoir photography and high-end wedding glamour photos. In describing the dress alone, it would probably take a half page or more just to describe it in detail to give visualization for the readers but in fashion magazine, the readers can able to see the details of the dress and the exact description that would cross their mind.

A fashion photography blog via the net will never have a day without visitors because the pages are just full of exciting details and they can come alive even if there is no video on the page.  Just by looking at the photo (and especially when the photos have great shots) you can already tell the whole story in a matter of minutes which may take hours if you watch it and a little less than an hour when you read all about it. Especially if you take the time to learn the basics of photography, these kind of beginner and advanced skills can go a very long way. Not to mention that some photographers combine fashion photography with 3D photography to create some illusion of 3D effects especially when models make their abrupt turn.

The fashion world is such an exciting scene to behold.  Not many words are needed but everything can be told by a single shot of photo. Be sure and check out our other great post on the great photography lenses to get a better understanding of what kind of equipment can help you take these kinds of great pictures.